Woodin launches ‘‘Jeans de Woodin’’ in 8 bold designs

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Woodin’s new segment is presented in 8 bold designs and exciting colors for a fun holiday season. Inspired by Denim Jeans, Woodin creates the most fashionable jeans, redesigned as an exclusive adaptation of western illustration with a rich African taste. A trendy and fashionable print for smart men and women who dare to be different.

Innovative prints

Designs for Jeans de Woodin are presented in two different weights of 100% cotton fabric: Light weight fabrics suitable for shirts, blouses, dresses, and heavy weight fabrics suitable for pants, shorts and skirts

The spirit of freedom

With Jeans de Woodin, we celebrate a new movement in African fashion. A movement that breaks rules, lives on the edge and makes bold choices.

Woodin, transforming African fashion

Capturing the optimism of the modern African lifestyle, Woodin designs trendy African prints for men and women who are young at heart. Woodin is the first Pan- African print brand by and for Africa, and have worked since 1985 to connect global trends to modern African life, transforming ethnic symbols into modern African designs.

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