Woodin Rolls Out Enthralling Web Series

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Woodin, the leading retail fashion brand in Africa has launched a 12-episodeonline series aimed at showcasing the brand’s celebrated ethos of people empowerment birthed in innovation and versatility. The series dubbed “La Maison Chiq” is woven around the lives of four ladies entangled in a love web with a man. It details how, with a creative, ambitious mind and a sense of purpose, people are able to bring out the best in themselves
without losing out the niceties and sensual desires of life. 

Abena, the main character of the series is portrayed as a cosmopolitan lady, who through her daily hustle of running a fashion house, exudes a versatile and confident character that helps her explore new areas in the world of fashion.
Her versatility, confidence and ambitious character are the very values which are woven into every strand of fabric made by Woodin and which the brand seeks to trumpet. ‘‘The La Maison Chiq series is aimed at empowering people and it portrays the Woodin brand as a catalyst for achieving life’s aspirations’’ says Georgina Mensah, Head of Marketing at Woodin. ‘It also depicts Woodin as a chic brand truly reflecting its values of African
Innovation, Versatility, Audacity and exuberance” she adds.

According to Georgina, creating partnerships helps galvanize industry together to advance the collective interest of the corporate world. Against this backdrop, she expresses her joy at seeing all the various players that came together to
bring “La Maison Chiq” to light. ‘‘We are really excited to be working with Emerge and other partners on the release of the La Maison Chiq web series which seeks to reinforce our goal of inspiring people for greatness’’ she reiterates.

“La Maison Chiq” was conceptualized and developed by Emerge Ltd. A Marketing Communications & Branded Content Storytelling Production Agency with main sponsorship from Woodin and support from brands such as Ghandour Cosmetics, So Klin, JACCD Design Institute Africa and Letshego. Other brands associated with the series include Devtraco Plus, Indigo Homes, Oak Plaza and VW as the official automobile partner.

Woodin, through this series, seeks to also position and promote its brand as a fashion brand for all producing ready-to wear outfits for both the male and female genders.

Woodin, Africa’s number 1 retail fashion brand is inspired by African art and culture. As a contemporary fashion brand we constantly work to deliver fashion inspiration to our consumers, who reflect confidence whenever they wear our
unique designs. We have over 35 years of fashion design expertise that enables us to play this role of true fashion connoisseurs and is helping to define African fashion today. Shop the La Maison Chiq limited edition ready-to-wear
collection from selected Woodin Retail shops nationwide.

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