Woodin Q3 Ready-to-Wear Collection unveiled: Affordable Versatility for Trendsetters

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Woodin, Africa’s premier retail fashion brand, proudly announces the launch of its Quarter Three Ready-to-Wear Collection in a chic and elegant event at its Woodin Retail Shop in Osu. Showcasing exclusive prints inspired by the Camouflage concept, this collection represents Woodin’s promise to celebrating African art, culture, and creativity. Speaking at the event, Woodin’s Marketing Manager, Georgina Mensah stated “as a brand, we have always been renowned for our dynamic and daring approach to fashion. The new Ready-to-Wear Collection blends innovative designs with captivating prints that reflect the strength and diverse creativity of Woodin. We have created designs that sets every wearer apart. Every trendy occasion should be a Woodin styling moment”.

The Camouflage Concept:

At the heart of this collection lies the Camouflage concept, which draws inspiration from the limitations in contemporary textile designs and products. Woodin’s ingenious interpretation corrects these blemishes, resulting in prints that exude uniqueness and individuality.

With a comprehensive selection of 30 styles, the Ready-to-Wear Collection caters to both men and women, offering a seamless transition between casual and smart casual occasions. Regardless of the setting, the Woodin collection empowers wearers to stand out with confidence. To connect the Woodin brand to our consumers brand’s influencer Kevoy Burton, Millicent Aweindi and Chrystal Kwame-Aryee and Shim Darren are taking social media by storm with camouflage collection.

Woodin takes immense pride in being a truly African brand, deeply inspired by the richness of African art and culture. With over 38 years of fashion design expertise, Woodin remains at the forefront of defining and shaping African fashion. Fashion enthusiasts can access the collection at all Woodin retail shops nationwide starting from 3rd August
Woodin’s Ready-to-Wear Collection offers fashionable options with the latest designs at www.woodinfashion.com.

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